Martijn's network of co-authors

Celebrating 100 PubMed citations

Over the years I have worked with many people on a wide range of topics. The graph on the left shows me and all my co-authors. The size of the circles indicate how many papers a person has published, the lines indicate co-authorships. You can drag the nodes to get a better view. Here are some highlights:

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

My PhD was on Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, resulting in (amongst others) my most cited paper: Research on presence in virtual reality: a survey (420 citations to date).

Text-mining the scientific literature

As a post-doc I worked on text-mining the scientific literature, mostly to aid the interpretation of high-throughput gene expression experiments. Here I created my most successful tool (as measured by number of users) so far: JANE (Journal Author Name Estimator).

EU-ADR project

What started with the infamous words "I could do that very easily in Java" (referring to computing stratified incidence rates) ended up as Jerboa, a large piece of software that was the backbone of the EU-ADR project, leading to many publications around drug safety methods.


After EU-ADR, more large EU projects followed where Jerboa played an important role in supporting the research across networks of databases.


First in OMOP and then in OHDSI I was lucky enough to help push the envelope of observational research methodology. To date, I guess I'm most proud of my paper Interpreting observational studies: why empirical calibration is needed to correct p-values.