Janssen Research & Development
The company I'm now working for
Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI)
International team of researchers I'm a part of (home of most of OMOP)
The Journal / Author Name Estimator, a tool I developed that can tell you where you should submit your new paper.
Integrated Primary Care Information (IPCI)
The research group of the Erasmus MC that used to work for
The research group of the Erasmus MC that I used to work for
Phobias and Virtual Reality
The homepage of the research project I used to work on


Los Advies consultancy agency
Check out my chick's website!
Wielaard Management en Advies
Friend and business partner Alain Wielaard


Elevate (the band)
The website of my previous band: Elevate! (was previously called Rosemary's Jukebox)