100 citations in PubMed!

Although quality is of course more important than quanitity, I'm still proud I now have 100 citations in PubMed. To celebrate, I created a visualization of all authors I worked with.


Back in the Netherlands

Back in the Netherlands, now living in the great town of Willemstad.


Moved to Hong Kong

For the next year we'll be living in Hong Kong, working with several academic partners in the region including Hong Kong University. Part of my job here is to continue the work on the OHDSI collaboration.


Bought a boat

We bought a sailing ship to roam the seven seas.


New job

Starting this year, I have a new job! I've joined Janssen R&D, where I will continue to work closely together with my OMOP colleages, as well as the folks at the Epidemiology Analytics department.


Hello world

This week our daughter Kaia was born. Looking forward to being a dad!


Old versus new in New York

One of the most amazing things about New York is its history: already for over a century it has been a busy metropolis with skyscrapers. I'm wandering around New York, trying to recreate historal photos. As you can see, some things have not changed a bit, while other things would be unrecognizable to someone from the past. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Starting in New York

For the next year I'll be working at Columbia University in New York! I'm joining the excellent team of researchers of the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership.

In the mean time, I've also started experimenting with HDR photography.


Our song was played on the radio!

Westland Radio played our song Nevermore on the radio. You can listen to the song here.


Licensed to golf

Just passed my golf exam! (Yes, in Holland you need a license to play golf)


Competing in the battle of the bands

My band Rosemary's Jukebox is competing in the Monsterpop battle of the bands on Saturday April 30 (Queensday). Also, I spend a week mixing our recordings, so be sure to check them out on MySpace.


Over 12m snow in one season

Having fun in Whistler, Canada.


I won the OMOP cup!

The OMOP cup is a competition in which you have to detect adverse drug reactions in a large set of simulated patient data. When the competition closed on the 31st of March, I had the highest score.


Just got Married!

Renske and I got married in Varenna, Italy. We had a wonderful time with our friends and family. Thanks, everybody!


Happy Darwin Day!

Over 370 year ago, Galileo was given a choice by the catholic church: renounce the theory that the earth revolved around the sun, or burn at the stake. Galileo chose the first, but is rumored to have defiantly muttered the words "and yet it moves".

Today we celebrate not only the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, the 150th birthday of his publication "On the origin of species", but also the fact that he did not have to renounce his theory. Sure, religious zealots are still trying to get the phrase "evolution is just a theory" on biology class books, but this will go away. After all, nobody any longer wants "heliocentricity is just a theory" on physics books (even though it is ).


I created my first Android application

I've created a grocery list applicatoin for Android phones. Check it out


I ran the Rotterdam marathon!

Only one person gets to come in in first place in the marathon. But also, only gets to come in 5892nd!